Probably the oldest in Barcelona, and even in Spain, Manolo’s barber shop is “of those of a lifetime”, where personal treatment, professionalism and the authentic spirit of a classic barber go hand in hand.
Founded in 1854, the number 12 of calle Escudellers has seen the evolution of the art of the barber’s knife to this day. The fusion between the classical and the trendy in male hairdressing is a signature at Manolo’s.
Escudellers 12, Barcelona

The shop

The place where Manolo’s barber shop is located has a history. Before being a men’s hairdresser where customers paid in a currency older than the peseta, it was an old carriage garage. Still today one can spot the traces of its centennial past on the sides of the entrance.
The team


A popular character in Escudellers street, there is no beard that can resist this male hairdressing artist’s humble hands. For many years he learned from the “maestro”, his father, from whom he has inherited his love for a job well done and the authentic spirit of the traditional barber.

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