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Hairdressing services

The fusion between the classic and the modern is Manolo’s signature. We understand the modern man’s concerns and we know that each client is unique. Therefore, we study every detail and advise to achieve a modern image according to each person’s personality.
Hair cuts:
  • Classic cut
  • Contemporary cut
  • Fusion
All kinds of beard and shaving arrangements including the traditional razor technique are offered. Streaks, dyes and three-colour dyes.
In addition, at Manolo’s we always work with first-class brands we trust to ensure the highest quality to our customers.

While we fix your beard, enjoy your favourite music by connecting to our Bluetooth ENERGYTS3

Our method

We analyse your style and we advise you to obtain a stylish result according to your personality.
Listen to your favourite music or engage with us in a friendly conversation while we perform the service.
At the end of the cut, a final traditional detail: alcohol on the neck or a few drops of perfume.